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Are they with you?

Only 29% of employees indicated they thought their leaders were effective at leading virtual teams

1 in 3 employees don’t trust management

$450 billion in lost profits from actively disengaged employees

that will make a lasting impact.

EXP Connect is a plan designed to keep your organization laser focused on their goals and direction. We work with your existing team to create, execute, and assess a strategy that imbeds your messaging into meaningful experiences. This well-thought-out approach is deployed over months and years.


We establish the bonding moments that are the cornerstone of any successful company by facilitating interactive experiences in both work and social settings. It doesn't matter where your members are located, or what state the world is in. We have a proven approach that eliminates the feelings of isolation and cultivates camaraderie, all while repeating the key messages you want to convey.


The values and positive behavior that you have crafted and cultivated in your company can be carried over to any work environment. You just need someone to help you execute a strategy that continues to put the spotlight on them.  This is where we come in.

propel your team forward
43 %

Well-led Virtual teams are 43 percent more productive than their in person counterparts.

9 out of 10 employees at companies with an engaged culture trust their leaders.

Engaged workplaces are 21% more profitable (year over year) than those without.

the world is changing,
can you keep up?

internal media campaigns
cinematic presentations
custom virtual platforms
Game shows
virtual happy hour
Digital company magazine
CEO Shout Outs
Interactive Panel discussions
Internal media campaigns


Small group sessions
exclusive tours
satellite parties
drive-in shows
experience box
block party
industry expert training
simulcast events


concert halls
festival-style stages
interactive installations
integrated virtual tech
team building
charity events
celebrity performances

the world is changing,
can you keep up?




Game Shows
Celebrity Performances
Custom Virtual Platforms
Concert Halls
Small Group Sessions
Cinematic Presentations
Block Party
Satellite Parties
Digital Company Magazine
Drive-in Shows
Virtual Happy Hour
Charity Events
Exclusive Tours
CEO Shout Outs
Simulcast Events
Festival-style Stages
Interactive Installations
Experience Box
Integrated Virtual Tech
Internal Media Campaigns
Industry Expert Training
Team Building
Interactive Panel Discussions

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