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Virtual Gala for Regional Non-Profit


Take a fundraising gala, that had a huge success the year before as a live event, and re-create that success in a virtual production world.


Live Event Production will always have a leg-up on Virtual Event Production. When we have a gathering of people collected in the same space for a shared experience, there is so much more feedback we can get from them in that moment. As an Event Producer you can tell immediately if you hit a home run, or a single. That connection with the crowd helps you create and manage excitement and energy in the room.

When you are “in the moment” of a  Virtual Event Production, your feedback is much more analytical. How many viewers do we have? How flawless is the switching? How perfect is the Live Streaming?

You often have to wait until after the event to know if it was epic or average.

Our client was a Non-Profit holding it’s largest fundraiser of the year. We had previously been part of their team for a few other record breaking events when they were held live. This year, with COVID in full swing, we facilitated a fully remont Virtual Gala.

First on the list of tasks for our team, Virtual Studio Site Selection. Part of what makes the EXP team so special has always been our ability to adapt. Creating a full functioning Virtual Studio in just about any location isn’t the easiest of things to pull off, but it’s something that we feel right at home with. 

Secondly, we had to create all of the content needed for high quality Media Production. We were responsible for all of the Graphic Design and Videography (live and pre-recorded). With that we produced all of the feature reals used during the show and some “hero video’s” that we sprinkled in. 

Finally it was SHOW TIME! Having gotten all of the pre-event pieces taken care of prior to the fundraiser starting, this left us with the other half of our tasks to complete.

Streaming a live event with talent, a full camera crew, audio team, set designers and lighting wizards in a remote location requires a decent size staff. We assisted with Covid Compliance for the virtual event as well. Keeping everyone safe is a top priority.

The end result was an amazing show! Complete with a live stream embedded into an auction platform that hit a home run! We achieved the financial goals. Captured a TON of content that we can recycle for the future (marketing and advertising material), and most importantly… we had fun 😊.

Services provided

Virtual Event Production

Production Management

Live Streaming

Graphic Design

Audio & Lighting

Video Production

Covid-Compliance & Safety

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