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Regional Non-Profit


Audit a previous partner’s work and level-up the guest experience by leveraging a leaner and more personable production team.


The concern this client had was based on the amount of money they thought they needed to spend to create a better event with higher impact. After reviewing the events and invoices from their previous partner, we were able to devise a plan that had a minimal cost increase. We then deployed our team of seasoned experts to install a comprehensive Audio/Video/Lighting/Staging package throughout the entire event, while managing main stage production& entertainment.

In the end, we created a beautifully-upgraded event for a fraction of the cost that this group originally thought it would take to get to that level. We also created a road map for the future. They now have a target amount to invest in the coming years. This not only allows for financial planning within the organization, but it allows us to introduce new ideas and concepts in a well-thought-out fashion.

Oh… they also nearly doubled their contributions to this cause the year they started working with us, and won over the hearts and minds of our entire team. We love these guys, and will be with them until they kick us out!

Services provided

  • Event Auditing
  • Event & Media Production
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