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National Non-Profit


Provide elevated event & media production to help maximize the impact of a fundraising gala.


Being brought in for the 30th Anniversary of this organization’s gala was a complement in itself. It was of utmost importance for this organization to wow their audience and raise a record amount in this important milestone event. This event’s attendees are a who’s who of philanthropic donors from around the Greater Seattle Area, all looking to support a cause while being highly entertained. We were brought in to handle technical design and execution for the entire event while supporting major talent and creating a spectacular stage show from scratch.

In our first year with this group, we were asked to support Idina Menzel in an amazing performance that will never be repeated. Utilizing a large video wall and well-planned lighting design, each moment of her stage performance had its own graphic design elements and color palette. The end result from all those involved amounted to a record-breaking year of $3.5 million dollars raised in a matter of hours.

In our second year, we took a different approach for the final entertainment. We assembled staple acts from the top cirque shows across the globe and combined them with a rocking violin quartet to create a unique and original world-class performance.

We were also tasked with planning a moment on stage that would capture the hearts of the attendees, and lead them to be singularly focused on the reason they were there. We accomplished this with a live presentation of a family that had been affected by the issue at hand and coupled it with a video of intimate interviews with the family members. In the end, not a dry eye was left in the room. At that moment, everyone knew exactly why they were there.

Services provided

  • Event & Media Production
  • Corporate / Private Concerts
  • Talent Buying
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