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Global Marketing Corporation


Deliver rich content and reinforce a sense of pride to kick off a record-breaking year for a global company.


We have been a production partner for this company for years. We handle everything from meetings in their warehouse that are simulcast to their other global hubs, to this annual all-hands conference in which employees from around the world gather for a series of events in multiple locations over the course of four action-packed days. This is one of our flagship conferences that showcases our knack for corporate event management and internal brand activation.

The creative process that happens for this particular conference is a great example of what a true partnership with our clients should look like. Every year, we level-up this event, planning impactful experiences that set the tone for the year to come.

Fly the CEO on to the stage from a perch we created near the ceiling; collaborate on an interactive bodega-style activation in which the sales teams can experience the latest product roll-out; create a technical plan that allows us to change the look of a huge ballroom each day; design a killer Audio/Video/Lighting show to consistently entertain the audience throughout the hours and days of the conference. These are just some examples of the objectives that we are tasked with each year.

With this conference (and all events we work on) we differentiate from the typical audio visual (a/v) company by carefully designing the audience experience with our client. What does it feel like to be in the crowd? How long have you been sitting or standing? When did you last eat? What are you expecting to happen next? How entertained are you? Are you “in” this moment? Are you "getting" it? We structure our planning process around questions like these to smoothly and effectively deliver the message.

Services provided

  • Experience Design
  • Event & Media Production
  • Event & Media Strategy
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