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Engineering Software Company


Produce awesome parties in conjunction with industry conferences around the world.


The leading software company in the Structural Engineering and Architecture field wants to raise brand awareness in an impactful way. What do they do? It’s a niche market that is already familiar with their product. They are the industry leader, with a global reach… and want to stay that way.

Together, we developed a strategy that involves bringing the company to industry events around the world and hosting parties for professionals to come and see that this group knows how to have a good time! We travel around the world with these guys, curating personalized experiences that convey the company as approachable and fun. We currently do about 10 events a year, world-wide for this group; handling all of the Audio, Video, Lighting, Talent and Management in each location. The list of cities we've done this is large and growing: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Diego, Phoenix, Tucson, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, Orlando, Washington DC, New York City, Vancouver BC, Brisbane Australia.

We LOVE this client, and this whole concept: Create an unforgettable party, where people least expect it. Throw in a CEO that knows how to put on a show. Find a live band that can hit in any country, with any crowd. With this recipe even the biggest geeks will shed their introverted ways and get down on the dance floor.

The key to our success here was treating it like a tour. With an amazing team of key players, we are able weave in and out of some difficult situations and locations with style and grace. If you’ve ever wanted to take a show on the road, we are the partner you need to ensure its success.

Services provided

  • Experience Design
  • Event & Media Production
  • Event & Media Strategy
  • Talent Buying
  • Corporate / Private Concerts
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