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Global Data Security Company


Design a sales kickoff event that makes the employees of a cutting-edge data security company feel like the industry leaders that they are.


We put together a three-day event at the Grand Sheraton, Seattle that drove home the direction and goals for the year with an aesthetic that would make every hacker in the world wish they were a part of this company.

This group has an AMAZING content production team. Our challenge here is to develop a platform to display it in a new and creative way each year. Being the tech company they are, their people want to see beautiful content displayed on big, impressive tech. They’re comparing this event to the largest, most well-funded conferences in their industry (think CES Las Vegas).

To meet those visions we created a huge stage that nearly spanned the width of the entire ballroom. Using a matching (floor to ceiling) video wall behind it, we worked with their team to create beautiful visuals assets that were custom-fitted to the stage production. We then added depth to the content by adding props that created different scenes throughout the event . As a team, and a partner to this client, we crushed it.

In addition to the main stage production, we also implemented an additional media component to this event. We placed a video booth in the foyer for sales reps to share their success. These videos were then edited and sent out over the following months in an internal communicatoins campaign that drove home the core messages from this event.

Services provided

  • Experience Design
  • Event & Media Production
  • Event & Media Strategy
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