Why You Should Be Considering Virtual Graduations

Virtual Graduation's are making waves in the education world, and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Learn More about how you can create a memorable experience for students & their loved ones.

Is your school thinking about Virtual Graduations in 2021?

Schools are now making the move to offer a virtual version of their graduation to all of those that can not attend.

While 2020 was full of hurdles for those in education, a few great things have come out of it. Teachers and students alike found that they could overcome geographical barriers and disruptions in their workplace. Everyone took a leap forward in their use and understanding of technology, and most people got to go to school in their pajamas for at least a few days.

We are frequently asked by clients what the future will look like for Event Production. Specifically, what a hybrid of live and virtual events will look like in the years to come.

Virtual Graduation is one of those components that will now be with us forever. We now have the ability to share one of the most important accomplishments of a person's life with all of those that love them. The technology is now accessible to any school district that wants to make their students’ special moment available to their loved ones. 

Will virtual graduation take the place of a real graduation? 

Nope, never! In fact, it will be an additional way to celebrate from now on so you never have to worry about who gets to experience these moments. 

Will virtual graduation and your live graduation take place at the same time? 

Maybe, but probably not. We actually think they are 2 different, yet complementary events. Choosing to have them at different times gives your graduate the chance to share both moments with their loved ones. 

What about the increased cost? 

Here at EXP Events our average price on Virtual Graduation is actually around $3995. A pretty cost effective solution for allowing a worldwide audience to take part in a students success.

How much more work does the school have to do? 

This is one of the most asked questions we get! With teachers stuck in back to back classes, administrators trying to keep the chaos organized, and the IT and AV departments stretched thin, it’s a real concern.

We have created Virtual Graduation experiences for schools across the country. From High School Graduations to College Commencements, we have helped schools across the country create these experiences so their loved ones never have to miss a moment. 

Our process is incredibly user friendly. Our process takes  the work off of the client and hands it to our expert staff of video editors, project managers, graphic designers and streaming professionals. This is what we do day in and day out. Our processes are finely tuned and have been tested over and over again. We will personally walk you through each step, giving you the ability to know what the end product is like before the final edit.

If you would ever like to know more about virtual graduation or other events / content creation that we do, please feel free to reach out to us or visit our virtual graduation page at www.expevents.com/graduations

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