Meet Sky: EXP's Director of Strategy & Development

Process creator by day, guitar player + vocalist by night. Meet Sky, our process + strategy creator!


Hometown: Roslyn, WA

Favorite Food: Tacos

Song You're Ashamed to Admit you Like: Where Are U Now by Justin Beiber & Jack U

Sky is our Director of Strategy and Development. In short, Sky gets to dive deep into internal processes, communication, and business development. He takes our huge ideas and creates a tangible process to bring them to life. Sky works closely with all members of our team to ensure we are effectively reaching goals (and crushing them, duh).

Sky’s passion for events began in high school, when he organized a surprise rave during an assembly at his school. 

“We pulled all the stops, including a DJ, full sound system, and lights. After that, we realized what was possible, so we started hosting our own dances for high schoolers in the area” said Sky.

He’s been producing events in his communities ever since. From organizing DIY house shows and underground raves to professional concerts and corporate conferences, Sky boasts incredible range in the events world. 

Post planning surprise raves at his high school, Sky studied at University of Washington’s School of Business and double majored in Business Administration and Communications, while also minoring in Digital Arts and Experiential Media. When he isnt working, Sky spends his free time writing, playing and performing music with his band, ECLECTRiCK (@ectfunk).

Sky is passionate about strategy, communication and business development, and when he isn’t jamming out in the office, he is dissecting processes and building the frameworks for our ideas to blast off. His educational background paired with his passion projects outside of work make him a natural leader within our team, and within his community. 

“Sky pushes us to break down ideas and formulate tangible processes to achieve our goals, says EXP’s Creative Strategist, Brittnee Rakosky.  “He is the catalyst in turning our ideas into realities”.

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1. What makes a great leader?

My dad always said a leader is not someone who tells a group to follow him. A leader is one who walks, and when he turns around, people are following. A great leader sets an example by blazing a trail and providing opportunities for those who are interested to get involved. 

2. What is the Greatest skill one can Possess?

Listening. It’s 50% of the communication game, and many people are bad at it! In music, we say listen before you play. If you deeply listen to what your people are saying, you will be well-equipped to respond effectively. Don’t just wait for your turn to talk! Listen & respond. 

3. What’s a trip that changed you, and why?

In 2016, I took a 3-month trip to the country of India. Throughout that trip, I visited big cities and remote rural mountain regions. I stayed in hostels, cabins, mud huts, and mansions. It was refreshing and inspiring to experience a culture just about as far away from the US that you can get. It was there that I cultivated a deep appreciation and understanding of yoga & mindfulness. It was also an opportunity to see that not everywhere operates like we do in the US. There are other ways of living! 

4. If you could only have three apps on your phone, what would they be?

A world in which I could only have 3 apps sounds like a much simpler world. In that case, I’d go with Spotify, Ultimate Guitar, and Instagram. This would allow me to listen and learn all my favorite music, as well as stay connecting with my people. 

5. What was your first concert experience?

I grew up going to concerts and festivals with my parents. However, the first concert that I remember going to that I was actually excited about was Ozzfest 2005. The lineup included Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, and I was 11 years old. 

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