Meet Austin: EXP's Chief Experience Officer

Hey guys! Allow me to introduce our visionary CEO (Chief Experience Officer). Austin is no stranger to the event industry, and we like to consider him our very own experience enthusiast.

Hometown: Lubbock, Texas
Song you know every word too: Hypnotize by Notorious B.I.G.
Fear: Kinemortophobia- Fear of Zombies!

Austin is originally from Texas, but has resided in Seattle most of his life. Early on, he realized his passion for connecting people through immersive experiences.  

“I had been making my living as a DJ since I was 16. That put me on some big stages and around great production crews... from there you kinda get sucked into the magic of it all!” -Austin Beaver

Now, Austin dedicates his time and passion to creating immersive experiences for our partners all over the country, both virtual and live! EXP events was born to create next-level experiences for its partners by combining immersive environments and powerful messaging. Austin envisions a brand that transcends typical live events and offers a platform of services that allow our partners to truly connect with their audience, pandemic or not. 

“Austin’s like a cuddly hustler. He’s got this radiant positivity to him that makes him totally approachable. At the same time, he really knows what it takes to make things happen. This positive mindset mixed with a real knack for getting things done has created an environment where anything is possible. We’re able to tackle seemingly impossible tasks with smiles on our faces. Bring it on, COVID!”

-Sky Stahl

In his day-to-day role, Austin is the visionary of the EXP team. He is thinking and dreaming up over-the-moon ideas and bringing them back to the team to help him bring them to life. When he isn’t doing that, he serves as direct support to everyone on the team, removing any obstacles as they arise. 

Austin also plays a huge role in our partner relations. He is always striving to nurture real and lasting relationships with every organization we touch. His passion runs deep, and it can certainly be felt by everyone we work with. When he’s not surfing clouds of creative inspiration, he is encouraging and cheering on the rest of the EXP Team. 

“My favorite thing about coming into work is Austin’s enthusiasm and positivity. I can truly leave all of my problems at the door and approach each day with a fresh perspective, he is always offering support and a good attitude, and you don’t find many people like that” said Brittnee, EXP’s Creative Strategist. 

Aside from working hard to create legendary experiences, Austin enjoys spending time with his family, listening to music, and enjoying the finer things in life (which just happen to be wine and cheese).

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