Event Production In The Era of Covid-19

Event Production In The Era of Covid-19

What a concept! 

How do you continue to create awesome collective experiences in a time when there’s a pandemic ravaging its way across the globe? Do we retreat to caves and hide out indefinitely, completely isolating from the outside world? Do we disregard the dangers of a deadly virus with no vaccine and continue on, business as usual? Can’t we still create opportunities to communicate and connect with our fellow humans? How does our culture continue to evolve in this unprecedented time?

Do we have to cancel all our events? 

As it turns out, we don’t have to shut down our entire existence to avoid spreading this pesky pathogen. However, as we watch the numbers continue to rise in the United States, it seems pretty obvious to us that precautions are necessary to slow the spread in order to protect those most at risk. And thanks to the folks that have dedicated their lives’ work to understanding these things, there are methods and protocols that we can follow that allow us to keep doing what we’ve dedicated our lives’ work to: creating experiences for your people.

Make no mistake; events look way different. With physical gatherings being pretty much out of the question, it’s no secret that virtual events are the new normal… at least for now. As we sail into the uncharted waters of virtual, we’ve found that our world has shifted heavily towards video production & technology. By broadcasting a combination of pre-recorded and live video content to custom web-based platforms, we are able to create spaces for people to come together in shared virtual experiences from the comfort and safety of their homes. 

Virtual Production & COVID-19 Protocols

As you may imagine, a lot of the work required to create these virtual experiences can be done remotely, but not everything! Many of our partners require a virtual production studio in order to pack the broadcast-quality punch that they are going for. This is where we film certain pre-recorded segments, as well as capture any live components that are necessary for your event. 

These stripped-down video broadcast production sets have a small crew onsite to handle the technical components, several folks from your team to oversee the production, as well as the cast to be featured in your content. That means you’ll be hosting a small gathering of people, which requires careful planning from a health & safety standpoint to ensure that you’re taking all the necessary COVID precautions. 

Thanks to awesome public health experts, there are standardized protocols in place for COVID compliance on production sets. These include detailed and specific procedures for social distancing, check-in, sanitization, food safety, and enforcement. In fact, production sets are now legally obligated to have a COVID Compliance Officer on set each day to oversee and enforce these procedures. Leading public health organizations have created a certification program for this position. All of our COVID Officers go through a deep certification process where they learn the ins and outs of COVID safety in production environments. They work onsite during the production to ensure that all state-mandated COVID risk mitigation precautions are being followed. 

If you’d like to learn more about COVID compliance for your virtual production, we’d be happy to share what we know and share our network of trained professionals with you!

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